Shared Rents

Do you have designer dresses at home? Do you want to make some easy money? Shared renting is an easy and carefree way to make money.

Simply DM or send us an email at with a picture of your garment, its size and condition and we will get back to you within 3 business days to let you know if your garment will be part of our collection!


Your garment will be stored with the rest of the All Dressed Up NZ collection. Here it will be rented, dry cleaned, shipped and cared for. We will take care of all the admin, and you will earn 50% of the rental price after shipping and any needed cleaning charges have been applied. 


You can, of course, still wear your garment at any time, you just need to simply book the garment via the website using your personalised code, indicating to other customers that the garment is unavailable for that period. Shipping fees, if necessary, will still be applied. 


You can also choose to remove your garment from All Dressed Up NZ, with two weeks notice. Please note that if your garment has bookings in advance, All Dressed Up NZ has the right to hold the garment until this order has been fulfilled, or you may choose to remove your garment before the booking and in this case it is up to you to refund the customer for their booking. 


In the case that your garment is damaged by a customer, All Dressed Up NZ is not liable for the damages but will do everything we can to get reimbursement from the renter to pay you fair market value for the item. This calculated value will consider the purchase price of the time, its age, estimated resale value, and how many rentals it has had. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, we cannot fix the replacement. 

We look forward to seeing your dresses as a part of our collection!
All Dressed Up NZ Xx