Garment Protection

Accidents happen and we understand that! This damage wavier is perfect for you if you don't want the extra costs of damages!


How it works...

When booking in your rental, select the option to add a the $10 damage wavier. 

This will add an extra $10 to your order, but could save you $$$ if your dress is returned stained, marked or pulled!

By adding this damage wavier, this guarantees you won't be charged any extra costs if your rental is returned marked, minimally ripped, or dirty. This means there will be no additional repair costs, dry cleaning costs, or dress replacement costs - for this rental, the only cost you will pay is what you pay at checkout upon placing your order.

*Despite this, please still be considerate with our rentals and treat them as you would your own clothing! Other girls are still wanting to wear this dress after you!


Terms and conditions...

This $10 damage wavier is non-refundable under any circumstance. 

The only extra cost the wavier does not include is if the garment is lost or not returned on time. 

If you cancel your order, you will be given the store credit which includes the $10 damage wavier, but this is given at the discretion of All Dressed up NZ and is not refundable.

One damage wavier per garment that is rented. If your order contains 2+ rentals, the damage wavier will only cover damage occurred to the cheaper rental. Please add a damage wavier to each dress when booking!

Please note this is only a basic garment protection, it does not cover major damages, rips and stains. This garment protection covers temporary damages and does not cover replacements or garments beyond repair. All Dressed Up is able to use their professional judgement to decide whether a garment has been returned beyond the limits that the garment protection offers.